The Proof Is In The Candle.

Credere Joseph

Director / Producer

I highly recommend this product The King candle. The scent isn't artificial at all it is a very powerful yet calming smell that I have become enamored with. Most of my previous candles were more on the generic ends of the fragrance market. Seeing a male owned, male empowering product line I was excited to place my order. This did not disappoint it's very masculine in it's tones, Sandalwood Vanilla and Patchouli are a match made in Candle Heaven. I am convinced I need to try out the other scents. You have a repeated customer on your hands thank you Aromale. Credere J. Los Angeles, CA

Kyka Drake


Thank you, Aromale candles, (The Lover) candle smells GREAT! This is definitely a candle that both men and women would LOVE! It is a very sexual and sensual scent Light (The Lover) candle for a special night together with your significant other❤️

Steve Stanton

Actor @stevetstanton

Man! I got The King candle... Its has the whole crib smelling Amazing and i havent even lit it yet! Will DEFINITELY be ordering More!!!

Jamise Wash-Lang

Master Tumbling Instructor @tumblingwithmrsj

Received my package today and right from the begining opening the box I could feel the postive energy flowing. I can't wait to burn this amaing smelling candle with my King!! Ladies get to it and order yours today.

Testimonial name

Husband, Father of 3 boys

I purchased The Wizard candle and I must say I was Pleasantly surprised. Its a nice calming sent that puts your mind and body in place of relaxation. I will be purchasing more and tying other scent. Great Customer Service and shipping was fast

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Our Story




I found myself living life in a grey area  of who I was and whom society wanted me to be. I was constantly trying fit in to a mold of what society deemed as a real man...




I understand spiritually and masculinity go hand in hand, and I´ve created a premium line of product to help you look and feel confident, dignified, authentic and brave. Each products is carefully, ethically sourced and specially formulated to help support you in achieving true greatness...




My mission is to elevate mans consciounsness not to feed our egos. The brand represents a sense of unfiltered power that comes with living in ones complete and honest truth...



What problem am I solving?

A place where men can get support and products that inspire them to live a spiritual enlightened lifestyle elevating them mentally physically and spiritually



What is the brands unique brand positioning

The Smell / Aroma in the Aromale brand is the Catalyst for spiritual enlightenment



World View

The world is suffering from an imbalance in divine masculine energy.  The Ego has gotten out of control. We've been plagued by Greediness and we continues to inflict pain on the oppressed and spread prejudice throughout the world evoking fear creating an unstable environment for mankind.


January 2016

Brand Inspiration

Aromale the brand is inspired be the works of the late great Carl Jung, his studies on human behavior and his discovers of the 4 Acyetypes Of The Mature Masculine Man 

Archetypes are universal, inborn models of people, behaviors, or personalities that play a role in influencing human behavior.

The Lover

With Lover it’s not all about sex.  When a man taps into the Lover energy, he is alive and sensual, he enjoys all of life’s pleasures. His connection to the world is enhanced tremendously. A man in touch with the Lover feels deeply about the people in his life especially his significant other.  

With a romantic blend of florals notes of sandalwood, soft wood. The Lover will open your heart and let you soul out to play.

All candles are hand poured right here in the United States 

Premium soy blend Candle


The Wizard

When a man makes the transition from a boy to a man its as if the Magician becomes the Wizard.  He is done with the tricks and games of life and becomes more focused and dedicated to his craft.  Not letting anything pull his focus. He is also able to turn disappointing situations and setbacks into opportunities to learn, grow, and become a better man.

With a exciting blend of eucalyptus and a touch of peppermint The Wizard candle will inspire you to evolve and grow.

all candles are hand poured right here in the Untied States 

Premium soy blended candle


The Warrior

For the man who's courage is rooted in the fact that he is not afraid to die. He knows that any minute could be his last so he makes every day and decision count. His Vision is clear and every move he make is extremely calculated and when his back is up against the wall he pushes forward no matter what.

With a concurring blend of a ginger, green violet and vertices. Virginia Cedarwood, fruity creamy Oriss. Highlighted by sensuous amber and musk. tap in to you warrior.

All Candles are hand pour right here in the United State 

Premium soy blend candle.


The King

When a man is living the Kingness, he is centering and powerful . His confidence, purpose, and well-being give him a supreme sense of balance.  Let The King Candle elevate you to higher ground. 

With a robust blend , a hint of Citrus, Clove, Rose, Jasmine, Aged Tobacco Leaf leather, Sandalwood, Patchouli, Vanila and musk. you feel like a King sitting on a throne.

All candles are hand poured right in the United States 

premium soy blended candle