The Wizard Candle

The Wizard Candle


When a man makes the transition from a boy to a man its as if the Magician becomes the Wizard.  He is done with the tricks and games of life and becomes more focused and dedicated to his craft.  Not letting anything pull his focus. He is also able to turn disappointing situations and setbacks into opportunities to learn, grow, and become a better man.

With a exciting blend of eucalyptus and a touch of peppermint The Wizard candle will inspire you to evolve and grow.

all candles are hand poured right here in the Untied States 

90hr : Burn Time  /  9.oz Premium Soy Blend Candle

Why Soy ? Soy is natural.

Non-toxic (Doesn’t release toxic carcinogens in the air.)

Burns more even and 50% longer

No petro-carbon soot that can blacken walls.

Naturally bio-degradable.

Renewable and sustainable resource.

Supports American farmers.

Easy soap and water clean up.