The Lover Candle

The Lover Candle


With the Lover it’s not all about sex.  When a man taps into the Lover energy, he is alive and sensual, he enjoys all of life’s pleasures. His connection to the world is enhanced tremendously. A man in touch with the Lover feels deeply about the people in his life especially his significant other.  

With romantic blend of florals  notes of sandalwood, soft wood. The Lover will open your heart and let you soul out to play.

All candles are hand poured right here in the United States 

90hr : Burn Time  /  9.oz Premium Soy Blend Candle

Why Soy ? Soy is natural.

Non-toxic (Doesn’t release toxic carcinogens in the air.)

Burns more even and 50% longer

No petro-carbon soot that can blacken walls.

Naturally bio-degradable.

Renewable and sustainable resource.

Supports American farmers.

Easy soap and water clean up.